Emojibator Funfetti Rainbow Rope

Emojibator Funfetti Rainbow Rope

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Rope with a fun colorful twist! Read more.

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More environmentally friendly than cotton and softer than hemp, this bamboo silk bondage rope from Emojibator bursts with color, comfort, and strength. Measuring 26.25 feet long and 6 mm in diameter, this rope is spun single-ply 3-strand for a medium-tight twist.

Strong enough for restraint and with a tight twist to ensure safety, this rope's natural stretch is great for all BDSM adventures. Along with its soft touch, this rope is also safe for those with allergies to jute and hemp. The strands are dyed prior to spinning so that the color is beautifully variegated and coated with wax and treated for immediate use. The label includes a how to tie your first knot instructions.

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Funfetti Rainbow Rope
Funfetti Rainbow Rope
Rope with a fun colorful twist!
$36.00 $36.00


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