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A uniquely realistic feeling silicone dildo with a flexible inner core.
A brief-style harness made of moisture-wicking fabric.
An amped up, versatile underwear-style harness with two O-rings.
Features a wider base than a traditional pump cylinder.
A sleeve designed for trans men to engage in stroking fun.
2-in-1 stroker and packer for smaller external anatomy.
A sturdy pump for increasing genital size and sensitivity.
Finally! An uncircumcised 100% silicone packer!
Super-realistic looking and feeling, created with comfort in mind.
This mini stroker is great for trans guys or for enhancing blowjobs.
Lightweight briefs from Spareparts with an elastic O-ring.
Enjoy powerful suction with this set of self-contained cylinders.
An all-purpose dildo with balls that hang in front of your harness.
A soft, snug stroker for folks with smaller genitalia.
This cylinder cups the entire genital area to pump the vulva and labia.
Designed to pump genitals, nipples or any smaller bits.
A soft, realistic VixSkin silicone packing dildo by Vixen Creations.
A medium-sized realistic silicone STP (stand to pee device).
Perfect for anyone looking for consistent, strong nipple suction.
A hand-held, travel-friendly pump for genital enhancement.
This simple leather-backed device holds a packer securely in place.
A realistic silicone STP (stand to pee device) with less bulk.
Short, square cut boxer briefs that give packers a realistic bulge.
New York Toy Collective's first ever stand-to-pee product.
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