Bedroom Gear

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Soft, stackable rings to customize depth of penetration.
A cover for the base of a dildo to enhance strap-on play.
A cushy silicone pad that cups the vulva for a variety of uses.
Make electrostimulation sparks fly across the skin's surface.
An ingenious product that cushions deep thrusts.
Turn any size bed into a place of binding pleasure.
Protect your bed during sex with this waterproof blanket.
Splay your subject out just how you want them!
This pad provides a cushion between your body and your dildo.
This sex positioning pillow is made of high-density foam.
This pack of 4 candles is a wonderful introduction to wax play.
A supportive foam mount with a slot for the Magic Wand.
The perfect accessory for personal cleaning!
Spritz on your toys to keep them in peak condition.
This foam ring anchors finicky dildos in any harness.
Never get stuck in a bind you don't want to be in.
Tiny but mighty, this little bullet vibe is versatile and discreet.
Hand-printed padded bag to keep your most treasured items safe.
Locally-made bag with a square bottom and elastic strap inside.
Wishing your dildo had a suction cup base? Look no further!
Document your lovemaking as a work of art with this kit.
Ever struggled with where to tie someone up? Get these!
Pre-moistened wipes to clean you, your partner, or pleasure devices.
Pump bottle ideal for lubricant or massage oil application.
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