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Safer Sex & Supplies

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Latex barriers with delectable options.
Regular-sized non-latex condoms with pull tabs.
The perfect accessory for personal cleaning!
Spritz on your toys to keep them in peak condition.
Never get stuck in a bind you don't want to be in.
A luxuriously thin latex condom with a perfectly fitted tip.
Locally-made toy storage bag with a square bottom.
Pre-moistened wipes to clean you, your partner, or pleasure devices.
Made of nitrile, these gloves are great for those with latex allergies.
Large-sized non-latex condoms with pull tabs.
Snug fit non-latex condoms with pull tabs.
High-quality latex condoms.
These non-latex condoms are made of microsheer polyurethane.
Ultra thin polyisoprene condoms for latex-sensitive users.
This Swedish condom is generously longer with a fuller tip.
A spiffy case to transport your STP or anything else.
Hand-printed padded bag to keep your most treasured items safe.
Sanitizes your sex toys with UV light.
Non-lubricated latex condoms with a little extra head room.
Slightly wider and longer than average.
Non-lubricated latex condoms with a minty fresh flavor.
Thinness and strength in a larger size condom.
Larger than standard latex condoms for extra comfort.
Need to go bigger? This latex condom is large and thin!
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