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Would you like balls with that?
A fun, sexy game that can be played by everybody.
The trivia game of erotic education and sexual satisfaction!
A game of sexy suggestions and exciting encounters.
A collection of playful and thought-provoking conversation starters.
101 mini cards with silly and fun kiss ideas.
Over 200 dirty, vulgar, and foul words and phrases.
Document your lovemaking as a work of art with this kit.
Deck of poker-size playing cards featuring different sex positions.
Never lose your lover in the dark again!
Why stick to the same positions when there are so many to try?
Which body part, where and what? Roll the dice and let the fun begin!
An illustrated deck featuring sensual massage techniques.
Immortalize someone's vaginal lips in chocolate!
Personalized cock casting in body-safe glow in the dark silicone.
Explore physical intimacy while expanding sensory awareness.
Bring your wildest fantasies to life with these steamy role-plays.
A variety of seductive prompts sealed in an individual envelopes.
Replicate your lover's penis to double your pleasure and fun.
A party game of quick eyeballs, kinky minds, and dirty mouths!
Create an exact milk chocolate mold of any penis!
This book of 21 adult mad libs is all about celebrating gay pride!
Take your poetry out of the closet and put your pride on the fridge.
Write all the friggin' poetry you want with this kit of 240 magnets.
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