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How to bring the practice of enema play to your bedroom.
A how-to for having a ménage à trois.
A playful, informative guidebook for ladies and lady-lovers.
Master the art of seduction.
Step-by-step instructions for aesthetically rewarding rope work.
From basic interpersonal skills to negotiation advice.
A friendly guide for the woman interested in erotic power play.
Combining the look of a graphic novel with activities for fun in bed.
Develop healthy boundaries one card at a time.
An exploration of sexuality based on research and science.
Bite-sized BDSM tips and tricks.
What's so sexy about not having sex? With chastity, everything.
Spark conversation and intimacy.
One of the first books to cover female ejaculation in-depth.
Discover 101 ways to caress, rub, lick, suck, grind, and slip inside.
The orgasm-seeker's guide to "oh!"
Stories, poetry, and art from the disabled community.
A spiritual guide for queer relationships.
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