In Case You're Curious: Questions about Sex from Young People with Answers from the Experts

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A big book of answers for young people.

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It is totally normal for young people to be curious and to have questions about relationships, bodies, consent... you name it! But where can your average teen go to get all the reliable and accurate answers they need about sex? In Case You’re Curious, a text-and-answer program conceived by Planned Parenthood, has been providing this educational service for teens for years. And now In Case You’re Curious is a big book of answers ― with funny and educational illustrations ― to the most popular and most interesting questions young people have about birth control, development, sexually transmitted diseases, and so much more.

Within these pages you will find nonjudgmental (and fun!) answers meant to educate teens without the uncomfortable silence or weird eye contact often associated with “The Talk.” In Case You’re Curious isn’t afraid to tackle the nitty-gritty questions, such as “Does masturbating give you a disease?” and “Is the pineapple thing true?” that teens may think twice about raising their hand to ask in their sexual health class or at home.

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