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Discover 101 ways to caress, rub, lick, suck, grind, and slip inside.
A playful, informative guidebook for ladies and lady-lovers.
Information and encouragement for all women who desire women.
A path to reviving your libido and rekindling your sex life.
A step-by-step guide for how to approach a partner transitioning.
Everything you need to know about anal fisting.
How to treat causes of sexual pain, physically and psychologically.
A down-to-earth guide to engaging with gender diversity.
A gay man's guide to incredible blowjobs.
A powerful 365-day action plan for shoring up confidence.
A laugh-out-loud book of haikus accompanied by cat illustrations.
This anthology confronts and challenges the notion of "passing."
Encourages indulgence and play while providing practical advice.
The landmark resource on bodies, sexuality, and reproductive health.
Gives advice for long-lasting, healthy, and fulfilling relationships.
How you can rediscover your sexuality, body, and spirit.
An encouraging, sex-positive guide for survivors of sexual assault.
The tools you need to stop hurting and start healing.
Get the biggest bang from your bondage experience.
A landmark sex and relationship guide for gay men.
Let Dr. Vera help you discover the other-sexed person within.
A classic recovery book on healing from sex abuse.
What if you weren't sexually attracted to anyone?
A go-to resource for parents written in the Q&A format.
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