Be Unapologetically You: A Self-Love Guide for Women of Color

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Shape your world with self-love.

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Self-love is not something that just happens – it's a creative process where you dig deep to find your own soul. You have to let go of comparisons which make you feel less than, and you have to see your supposed flaws as your gifts. As a woman of color, you think you are at the bottom of the pile, but your position is unique and your differences are not your weakness, they are your strength. Once you own that, you can be unstoppable.

Self-love is a journey that starts with forgiveness and acceptance of what is. Then it moves on to starting your own revolution of love. It's a soulful revolution where you stop judging yourself and start celebrating yourself instead. You learn to question everything you have always believed about yourself – you wake up! You become conscious and above all, self-aware.

You learn what is important to you. You decide what kind of behavior you are not prepared to accept, from yourself or from others, which leads to setting appropriate boundaries. Then you discover that loving yourself is non-negotiable and that not stepping into your identity and your power is unacceptable.

And then you discover that loving yourself is hard and takes courage and commitment, but you are blessed with the creative genius to shape your own world.

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