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A stretchy silicone cock ring meets Fun Factory's most popular plug!
Soft, stackable rings to customize depth of penetration.
An ingenious product that cushions deep thrusts.
This app-compatible cock ring provides stimulation during sex.
Spoil your hotspots with this cock ring and vibrating butt plug combo.
Versatile little ring vibe with many uses.
This dual ring encircles both the penis and balls with a tight grip.
A stretchy silicone cock ring designed for comfort and safety.
Enjoy all-in-one fun with this bullet vibe, cock ring, and finger sleeve.
An erection-boosting cock ring that can be controlled with an app.
A double-looped vibrating cock ring that both partners can enjoy.
A comfortable silicone vibrating ring at an economical price.
A soft cock ring with dual-action vibration for both partners.
A soft and stretchy ring that also glows in the dark!
A stretchy, thick cock ring with touch-activated vibrations.


A soft, flexible, and powerful rechargeable silicone cock ring.
This ring's simple, donut-shaped design creates a firm hold.
Get a fuller erection and delay orgasm with this silicone cock ring.
Enjoy ultimate rigidity, total safety, and super-constriction.
Get the most out of playtime with this uniquely shaped cock ring.
Gorgeous wooden cock rings that encircle the testicles.
This premium stainless steel cock ring wraps your jewels in luxury.
A highly flexible cock ring with side tabs for ease of use.
Set of 3 cock rings, perfect if you're not sure which size you'd like.
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