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An erotic novel with surprises around every turn.
A playful, informative guidebook for ladies and lady-lovers.
Develop healthy boundaries one card at a time.
Insights and ideas on the joyous art of BDSM topping.
Over 300 illustrated positions all compiled in one chunky book.
Deck of poker-size playing cards featuring different sex positions.
A guide to nonmonogamy based in attachment theory.
Combining the look of a graphic novel with activities for fun in bed.
Tristan Taormino's comprehensive and creative guide to anal pleasure.
Practical yet playful advice for becoming a blowjob expert.
Erotica writers share explicit stores based on real-life encounters.
Twenty-one steamy stories on the joys of cunnilingus.
Insights and ideas on how to be a successful submissive.
Explains how you can increase your pleasure through tantric methods.
Submissive women who bloom in the presence of dominant men.
Discover 101 ways to caress, rub, lick, suck, grind, and slip inside.
A celebration of the finest and friskiest erotic fiction today.
A fierce and joyous celebration of female desire and triple-X trouble.
Step-by-step instructions for aesthetically rewarding rope work.
How to bring the practice of enema play to your bedroom.
High-heat, capitalism-defying gay erotica.
Fierce passion, timeless love, and lustful encounters.
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