Menstrual & More

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A cushy silicone pad that cups the vulva for a variety of uses.
An all-natural gel that rehydrates tissues.
Catch your flow with this new generation of menstrual cup.
A reusable semi-realistic stand-to-pee device made of soft silicone.
Enjoy sex while on your period with this reusable cup.
A device that allows people with vulvas to pee standing up.
A soothing salve to fight irritation.
A unique stand-to-pee device made of soft yet durable silicone.
A spiffy case to transport your STP or anything else.
A smaller version of GladRags' silicone menstrual cup.
Custom-made silicone travel case for your Fenis STP.
A soft, reusable menstrual cup from Portland company GladRags.
GladRags' most popular and versatile reusable menstrual pad.
Reusable pantyliners for your light days or for everyday use.
Sleep easier with the maximum protection of GladRags' Night Pads!
An empowering do-it-yourself comic about menstruation.
Insurance for the days you think you might be starting your flow.
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