Body & Massage

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A cushy silicone pad that cups the vulva for a variety of uses.
This locally-made candle is the perfect component to a relaxing night.
A reusable semi-realistic stand-to-pee device made of soft silicone.
A kit with everything you need to spice up that romantic evening!
CBD-infused serum designed to promote relaxation.
A device that allows people with vulvas to pee standing up.
A sexy kit with everything you need for a happy spanking!
Catch your flow with this new generation of menstrual cup.
Made with Himalayan salt, essential oil, and glitter.
An all-natural gel that rehydrates tissues.
A soothing salve to fight irritation.
This hand-poured soy massage candle melts into a massage oil.
A unique blend of naturally occurring nut and seed oils.
A unique stand-to-pee device made of soft yet durable silicone.
A spiffy case to transport your STP or anything else.
A 100% natural, lightly scented oil from local company Seagrape.
A smaller version of GladRags' silicone menstrual cup.
Throw away those harsh soaps and try this gentle wash.
Foaming bath soak that is gentle on intimate areas.
Made locally, this delicious-smelling candle melts into massage oil.
Sleep easier with the maximum protection of GladRags' Night Pads!
A soft, reusable menstrual cup from Portland company GladRags.
Enjoy sex while on your period with this reusable cup.
Pump bottle ideal for lubricant or massage oil application.
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