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Body & Massage

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Explore the benefits of CBD in the bedroom.
A sexy kit with everything you need for a happy spanking!
CBD-infused serum designed to promote relaxation.
Deliver hydration to the right place.
Catch your flow with this new generation of menstrual cup.
For mess-free period sex.
A device for vulva-owners to pee standing up.
A botanical oil-based lubricant for sensitive babes!
Made with Himalayan salt, essential oil, and glitter.
Keep your vulva healthy and moisturized.
A unique blend of naturally occurring nut and seed oils.
A quick refresh, anytime.
A 100% natural, lightly scented oil from local company Seagrape.
All-cotton menstrual pads from GladRags.
A kit with everything you need to spice up that romantic evening!
A device for vulva-owners to pee standing up.
This locally-made candle is the perfect component to a relaxing night.
An all-natural gel that rehydrates tissues.
Pump bottle ideal for lubricant or massage oil application.
A pouch to transport your STP or anything else.
Foaming bath soak that is gentle on intimate areas.
Gentle salve to prevent skin irritation.
Find relief from pelvic and menstrual discomfort.
GladRags' most popular and versatile reusable menstrual pad.
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