Prostate Massage

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A stretchy silicone cock ring meets Fun Factory's most popular plug!
A legendary steel dildo and one of the best G-spotters ever.
This anal toy is adjustable for a customized fit.
Spoil your hotspots with this cock ring and vibrating butt plug combo.
Enjoy a snug fit and fullness with this lightweight wooden butt plug.
This vibrating massager targets both the prostate and perineum.
An impeccably-curved, anal-safe rechargeable vibrator.
A classic dual-action perineum and prostate massager.
A classic, skillfully refined, silicone-coated prostate toy.
Get exquisite prostate massage with this remote-controlled toy.
The prince of vibrating prostate stimulators!
An efficacious toy for massaging the prostate and perineum.
The best way to have fun between your cheeks!
A vibrating plug that will stimulate your prostate with ease.
This sleek toy is made of plastic for robust prostate massage.
A reversible prostate toy that stimulates internally and externally.
O Boy's clever angles provide optimum prostate stimulation.
Simply rock back and forth and let the Naughty Boy do the work.
The weighty, stainless steel butt plug for advanced players.
Delivers firm, controlled massage with its solid stainless steel design.
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