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Social & Political Issues

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An exploration of sexuality based on research and brain science.
The history of how feminist sex toy shops changed the adult industry.
A memoir exploring addiction, sexuality, violence, and survival.
Writings by feminists in the adult industry and research by scholars.
Diverse stories on healthcare experiences and challenges.
The complex politics of healing and happiness.
Challenging everything you know about sex, family, and society.
Transform your life by focusing on your true sexual desires.
Science writer Mary Roach explores the study of sexual physiology.
The timeless guide to ethically exploring polyamory.
Get a peek into Janet W. Hardy's kinky life.
A memoir about a transformation: from student to dominatrix.
The story of the furry fandom and the many forms it takes.
A provocative book arguing that sexual deviance is commonplace.
50+ first-hand accounts from porn performers who've "come out."
Vignettes from the queer life of Lunatic Fringe author Allison Moon.
Essays from $pread, the magazine by and for sex workers.
Reclaiming the word "cunt" and embracing all things cunt-related.
An anthology that's also a rallying cry.
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