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A lightweight double-ended dildo.
A legendary steel dildo and one of the best G-spotters ever.
Everything you could wish for from a double-ended dildo.
The first ever double-ended dildo made of dual-density silicone!
A stunning G-spot stimulator.
This double-sided stainless steel toy has many sensual possibilities.
A hefty pleasure tool for G-spot play.
This incredible piece of functional art is not for the faint of heart!
Double your fun!
A thick dildo sculpted from pure rose quartz.
Double-ended dildo with a realistic shaft.
This glass dildo provides pleasurable pressure against the G-spot.
Send your body into outer space.
Stroke the G or P-spot with this curved, ridged glass dildo.
A smooth dildo crafted from amethyst.
An artistically crafted, ribbed, double-headed glass dildo.
A rose quartz dildo with a sleek curve.
A smooth dildo crafted out of pure rose quartz.
A dildo sculpted from green aventurine.
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