Sleeves & Strokers

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Everything you need to create your own personalized sex toy.
A refined sleeve, more compact than most Fleshlights.
A sleeve designed for trans men to engage in stroking fun.
The ultimate in self-contained masturbatory pleasure!
Designed to replicate intercourse, to enhance your performance.
A compact penis toy open on both ends.
Uses powerful vibrations to stimulate the penis.
A penis stroker with a twisting internal mechanism.
A sleek, versatile vibrating penis stroker.
2-in-1 stroker and packer for smaller external anatomy.
This mini stroker is great for trans guys or for enhancing blowjobs.
This masturbator is lined with raised nubs for extra sensations.
Enhance your pleasure with this soft, textured penis toy.
This vibrating toy wraps around the penis and stimulates the frenulum.
A stylish masturbation sleeve with intricate internal details.
Experience amazing sensations and see penetration as never before.
A rumbly rechargebale vibrator made for the head of the penis!
A soft, snug stroker for folks with smaller genitalia.
Celebrate love with this stretchy, heart-textured pleasure tunnel.
This elastomer masturbation sleeve has nubs on the inside.
A hi-tech masturbation sleeve filled with intense ribs and nubs.
Take masturbation to the next level with this vibrating penis stroker.
Everything you love about a Fleshlight, now with vibration!
A new generation of penis sleeve, with dual motors.
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