Vixen Creations

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The first ever double-ended dildo made of dual-density silicone!
This impressive dildo boasts nearly 3" of girth!
A silicone penis extender designed for larger folks.
Looking for a sleek but not girthy dildo? Mustang fits the mold.
A soft silicone dildo with realistic head and pleasing dimensions.
Veiny and girthy with a plush outer layer over a solid inner core.
This long, sleek all-purpose dildo is well-suited to beginners.
Vixen's popular dildo with saddle base for comfy harness play.
A supple silicone penis extender with hollow shaft.
A silicone dildo in neon and tie dye colors for added flair!
A thick, tie-dye dildo made of dual-density silicone.
A lightly ridged silicone G-spot attachment made for wands.
Plush and petite, this little fella is perfect for beginners.
A dual-density dildo with a tie-dye coloration and balls.
Go big with this mighty dual-density silicone dildo.
An incredibly detailed dual-density dildo with cascading veins.
A dildo made of skin-like silicone with small, realistic balls.
A substantial dildo with impressive detail and suction cup base.


A classic dildo: smooth shaft with realistic detail around the head.
Perfect for anyone who appreciates extra length.
Size lovers rejoice: this thick dildo is not messing around!
An all-purpose dildo with balls that hang in front of your harness.
A true chubby, with a realistic textured shaft and testicles.


Stout and exceptionally stimulating, Tex is a real treat.
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