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HUMP!: The Game

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The trivia game of erotic education and sexual satisfaction!

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The game of erotic education and sexual satisfaction! You and your lover learn about each other while answering sex tip related questions. The person who answers ten questions correctly first wins, and gets to select the sex tip the couple acts out.

Answer multiple-choice trivia questions such as:

What Kama Sutra position has the woman on top with her back facing the man?
What food item do most experts say you should pretend to enjoy while licking a pussy?
If you are circling a woman's areola with your tongue, what are you licking?
What is typically the most sensitive spot on a man's penis?

Includes 40 Sex Position trivia cards, 40 Foreplay trivia cards, 40 Unique Experiences trivia cards, 40 Down and Dirty trivia cards, a spinner, and game rules.

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