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A collection of letters by successful trans women.
Can you love more than one person? Absolutely!
Everything you need to turn your partner into an obedient sub.
An introduction to outfitting and training your human pony.
Comprehensive, accurate information on menopause.
One of the first books to cover female ejaculation in-depth.
How to tie knots and use them in bondage techniques.
Teaches couples the art of making love — and making love last.
Sensible advice and easy-to-follow instructions for bound bliss.
Unlock sensual energy and pleasure with crystal healing.
Essays by women about losing their virginity.
Navigate shifting sexual desires during pregnancy and beyond.
The first sex guide for people who live with disabilities.
This classic sex manual offers tips for a more satisfying sex life.
A guide to understanding gender-variant and transgender youth.
A starter kit to understanding disability sexuality.
An empowering do-it-yourself comic about menstruation.
All about safe, affectionate dominance and submission.
The tools you need to stop hurting and start healing.
The pleasure playground of strap-on sex for hetero couples.
Insights and ideas on how to be a successful submissive.
A handy, accessible manual for G-spot hunters and devotees.
Insights and ideas on the joyous art of BDSM topping.
Everything you need to know about vulvovaginal health.
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