Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance

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A powerful 365-day action plan for shoring up confidence.

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Every day, American women and girls are besieged by images and messages that suggest their beauty is inadequate — inflicting immeasurable harm upon their confidence and sense of wellbeing. In Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance, author Rosie Molinary empowers readers to accept themselves despite today's media-saturated culture.

Drawing on self-awareness, creativity, and mind-body connections, Beautiful You is a powerful 365-day action plan for breaking undermining habits of self-criticism, shoring up confidence, realizing profound self-acceptance and championing one's own emotional and physical well-being. Through accessible, doable daily actions, readers are encouraged to manifest a healthy outlook on themselves and life.

Steering clear of the florid affirmations and daily meditations often utilized by books geared toward personal growth, Molinary delivers a nuanced, authentic, and modern guide of inspirational thought and powerful action that keeps pace with the times. Beautiful You is a practical, candid, and accessible handbook that will strike a chord with every woman who has ever faltered in her self-confidence or lost her personal spark — and it will make sure she never lets it happen again.

Note: this book seems geared toward cis women and therefore uses some gendered and cisnormative language.

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