TransTape Removal Oil
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TransTape Removal Oil

TransTape Removal Oil

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Ease the removal process. Read more.

Product description

Made from 100% Jojoba oil, this Removal Oil not only eases the TransTape removal process but also assists in the repair and health of your skin. Jojoba oil is rich in natural nutrients that help with skin elasticity, scarring, moisturizing, and more.

It is important to use oil EVERY time you remove TransTape. Although it is not necessary to use this exact oil blend, we highly recommend it based on its healing properties and essential oils that aid in repairing and restoring skin. Any oil will work, but we highly suggest staying away from baby oil.

To use, saturate TransTape with oil and allow it to soak through to your skin for 1-3 minutes. Slowly peel back your TransTape to minimize skin irritation. May also be done in a hot shower to aid in a more gentle removal process.

4oz bottle.

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TransTape TransTape Removal Oil
TransTape Removal Oil
Ease the removal process.
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