Salty Betch Bath Soak

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Made with Himalayan salt, essential oil, and glitter.

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Sometimes, just taking a warm, healing bath after a long day can be the most intimate way to show yourself some well-deserved love – and Salty Betch is here to help! Salty Betch was born from owner Sonia's annoyance with overpriced, culturally appropriative self-care products. Her Indian-inspired bath soaks are made with Himalayan salt, pure oil blends, and vegan, sustainable glitter. With aromas ranging from woodsy to fruity to floral and beyond, they have a salt soak for any relaxing bath of your choice!

WET DREAMZZZ… — Powdery + Floral + Light + Herbal + Camphor

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, lavender-patchouli essential oil blend and sustainable glitter. Lavender is an excellent relaxant, easing sore muscles. Patchouli is said to provide feelings of relaxation and can help ease stress or anxiety.

FUCK BOI CLEANSE — Clean + Fresh + Citrus + Bright + Spice

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt and an essential oil blend of lemon, bergamot with sustainable glitter. Lemon to ward off sour vibes, bergamot to reduce the pain.

KAMA SUTRA — An ancient Indian inspired sensual bath soak

Himalayan Pink Salt infused with an essential oil blend of rose, cardamom, sustainable glitter and dried roses. Rose Oil is considered an aphrodisiac with its floral and sweet aroma. Cardamom is a soothing and sexy luxurious spice. Its aroma is spicy, fruity, and warm with balsamic notes.

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