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A sexy kit with everything you need for a happy spanking!
Get an intense sting with this flogger made of innertube rubber.
Mini leather flogger perfect for traveling.
Classic leather riding crop with triangular or rounded tongue.
Its distinctive "slap" will be a treat to both the ears and the skin.
A remarkably vicious impact toy made with 100% recycled rubber.
This sturdy impact toy covers a nice amount of surface area.
A strong, flexible cane made of rattan.
One-of-a-kind flogger with rubber handle.
One-of-a-kind flogger with rubber handle.
An ultra-portable leather flogger.
Need a new tool for punishment and/or encouragement?
Sleek leather flogger with a flurry of tails.
This paddle features high-quality leather-backed soft, faux fur.
The Li'l Slugger is a delightful little leather tool with a hand loop.
Give a spanking in style with this impeccably finished paddle!
One-of-a-kind, handcrafted canes made of stainless steel or lexan.
This locally-made paddle produces a satisfying thwack.
Swanky red and black riding crop made with vinyl.
Handmade flogger with aluminum handle.
A small but mighty riding crop, perfect for travel.
Handmade flogger with aluminum handle.
Handmade flogger with aluminum handle.
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