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Want to do some serious scratching?
A thick water-based gel lubricant infused with lemon and vanilla.
A sexy kit with everything you need for a happy spanking!
From basic interpersonal skills to negotiation advice.
Everything you need to get started with rope bondage in one kit!
Would you like balls with that?
Flag your sexual desires with these color-coded hankies.
Let this locally-made hemp rope cover all your binding needs.
A kit with everything you need to spice up that romantic evening!
Get an intense sting with this flogger made of innertube rubber.
A soft, reusable menstrual cup from Portland company GladRags.
Strap it on a multitude of ways with this locally-made rubber harness.
Ever struggled with where to tie someone up? Get these!
Hand-printed padded bag to keep your most treasured items safe.
Use this spiffy case to transport your STP or anything else.
A 100% natural, lightly scented oil from local company Seagrape.
Edible, all-natural lemon vanilla powder, plus feather duster.
Tuck your toys away in this locally-made storage bag.
Locally-made bag with a square bottom and elastic strap inside.
A smaller version of GladRags' silicone menstrual cup.
Replicate your lover's penis to double your pleasure and fun.
Immortalize someone's vaginal lips in chocolate!
GladRags' most popular and versatile reusable menstrual pad.
Personalized cock casting in body-safe glow in the dark silicone.
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