Orgasms: How to Have Them, Give Them, and Keep Them Coming

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Demystifying the orgasm with information and techniques.

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In her nine years of giving sexuality seminars, the questions most commonly posed to Lou Paget are about orgasms: "Are simultaneous orgasms really possible?" "What can I do if I've never had an orgasm?" "Do only certain types of orgasms 'count'?" In Orgasms she answers these questions by debunking the myths and demystifying the questions and confusion surrounding orgasms that can wreak havoc on your sex life, your relationship, or your self-esteem.

In Orgasms, Paget provides the most essential and cutting-edge information that will explain and show — with explicit step-by-step instructions — all you want to know about having an orgasm and giving one, including:

  • The ten different ways that women and the seven different ways men are known to orgasm
  • Tips on how to control the timing and frequency of orgasms
  • Exercises to increase your body's sensitivity and suggestions for women who have never experienced an orgasm to explore and practice privately
  • The real scoop on aphrodisiacs and other orgasm enhancers
  • Emotional enhancers and inhibitors: the psychology of orgasms
  • Physical obstacles to orgasms, including medications, diet, alcohol, and recreational drugs
  • Historical and hysterical facts about orgasms
  • The Kama Lou-Tra: Lou's own look at Tantric sex and the spiritual side of orgasms

Each chapter contains elucidating and entertaining anecdotes based on research and interviews with thousands of men and women that show readers how the techniques work and what obstacles to avoid. With her signature style of fresh information and clear detail, Paget shows you and your partner how to have and give more pleasure than you ever thought possible.

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