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Step-by-step instructions for aesthetically rewarding rope work.
Information and encouragement for all women who desire women.
Comics from young people that go beyond traditional sex ed.
A sexy and educational zine about sexual consent.
This fun, sexy guide illuminates the path to orgasmically abundant sex.
Regimens for achieving optimal health and sexual fitness.
A step-by-step guide for how to approach a partner transitioning.
Everything you need to know about anal fisting.
Hundreds of passionate positions, from amateur to advanced.
A down-to-earth picture of how an open marriage can work.
An encyclopedia of female pleasure with dozens of oral sex techniques.
Turn your fantasies into erotic stories.
A guidebook with strategies and insights.
A comprehensive guide for trans people.
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The joys and challenges of free love.
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Assert yourself confidently.
Consent matters — in all aspects of life.
Zine about flagging to communicate our desires.
A classic guide to the relaxing and healing skills of the hands.
The original guide to anal eroticism.
An introduction to outfitting and training your human pony.
Learn how to share your personal sexual revolution on film.
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