The Hush Pump

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A quiet pump for genital enhancement.

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Introducing LA Pump's Hush Pump! This hand-held pump, which runs on 4 AA batteries (not included), is great for traveling, for beginners and advanced pumpers alike. Much quieter than the older electric pump, with a smaller hand profile and matte finish for better grip! The Hush Pump features an on/off button for accurate pressure readings, plus an auto shut off feature (once fully depressurized the unit will shut off after 5 seconds). There's even a pressure release button RIGHT ON the display. This is great to release a small amount of pressure when trying to reach your desired number. LED display uses MBARS (Millibars) for gauging pressure.

Ten to twenty second use of the Hush Pump will create the vacuum necessary to pull the blood into the genitals. It comes with two feet of medical grade, soft, pliable tubing and a connector that attaches to various cylinders. Once a cylinder has been put in place and air has been pumped out of it, the pump can be removed, but the cylinder will stay vacuum sealed. This allows the user to keep pressure on a particular spot for extended lengths of time (we recommend 10 minutes at first on a lower pressure setting, eventually up to 30 minutes). When using a pump, always listen to your body and remove the pump if you experience any pain.

The Hush Pump comes with a hose, but does not come with any cylinders. Customize your experience by choosing the cylinder that best meets your needs: clit, vulva, FTM, or penis.

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