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Want to do some serious scratching?
Gloves with prickly little tacks for scratching the skin.
This pack of 4 candles is a wonderful introduction to wax play.
Play around with the five senses using this luxurious satin eye mask.
Light up your night with this sultry candle.
Roll the wheel over the skin for a devious and prickly sensation.
This pint-sized pinwheel gives prickles of pleasure.
Let the soft, seductive feathers tease with each sexy stroke.
Experience a prickly side of BDSM with this sensation toy.
This high-quality, leather blindfold is as functional as it is comfortable!
Block out the light with this simple yet effective blindfold.
Tickle your fancy with this sensual pleasure feather.
This sexy blindfold transports you into a world of heightened senses.
Roll this toy over the skin for a unique prickling sensation.
How to give your lover a sensual, slightly kinky massage.
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