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A sleek, streamlined leather harness handmade locally.
A leather harness designed for comfort, style, and performance.
This sturdy, locally-made harness features a smooth back panel.
Once the heart lock closes, they're yours.
A minimal harness made of strong, lightweight leather.
A supple leather harness with a gorgeous corset style back piece.
Comfortable for long-term wear, stylish enough for everyday wear.
This ball gag is flavorless and just the right density against your teeth.
An inexpensive harness with front pad and adjustable straps.
Have your submissive take a vow of silence with this bit gag.
Hardy cuffs locally sourced and handmade by Switch Leather Co.
A delicate piece of leather that fastens securely in the back.
Classic leather riding crop with triangular or rounded tongue.
Helps keep a dildo or butt plug inside you while wearing a harness.
Need a new tool for punishment and/or encouragement?
One-of-a-kind, handcrafted canes made of stainless steel or lexan.
Say hello to the perfect combo of function, style, and comfort.
The Li'l Slugger is a delightful little leather tool with a hand loop.
Sturdy, comfortable garment leather cuffs with locking buckles.
One-of-a-kind flogger made by a craftsman in Chicago.
Let two layers of smooth leather encircle your neck.
Its distinctive "slap" will be a treat to both the ears and the skin.
This paddle features high-quality leather-backed soft, faux fur.
This sturdy connector from Switch Leather Co. clips onto any D ring.
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