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Products tagged with glass

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Widen, relax, and stimulate with this smooth glass anal toy.
A glass plug for all seasons.
A beautiful, hand-blown glass anal plug of the highest caliber.
A glass plug filled with sparkly crystals.
Smooth and gently curved glass dildo.
Powerful in its simplicity, with a long smooth shaft and rounded tip.
A glass piece with smooth, hard surface and undulating texture.
Stroke the G or P-spot with this curved, ridged glass dildo.
A show-stopping glass dildo with gentle, rounded ends.
This glass dildo provides pleasurable pressure against the G-spot.
An elegant, upscale glass butt plug on the larger side.
An artistically crafted, ribbed, double-headed glass dildo.
A hefty, realistically veiny glass dildo.
This "boudoir booty bling" is made of sturdy borosilicate glass.
Glass dildo with a pleasurable spiral pattern.
A glass butt plug with a swirl of vibrantly colored ponytails.
A sensual, uniquely-shaped glass piece offering amazing sensations.
A phallic design in black borosilicate glass.
A masterfully hand-spun glass dildo.
A classic glass butt plug with a perfect poof of a bunny tail.
A hand-blown dildo shaped for precise sensation.
Curved glass dildo with a looped handle.
Handmade glass plug with a blue Swarovski crystal.
Handmade glass plug with a multi-colored Aurora Borealis crystal.
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