Uberrime Rosae Grinder
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Uberrime Rosae Grinder

Uberrime Rosae Grinder

$59.00 Excl. tax
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Delightful texture for your genitals. Read more.

Product description

Translated from Latin, rosae is a term of endearment such as "dear," "sweetheart," or even "my flower." The Uberrime Rosae is a soft, rose-inspired grinder for enhanced external stimulation. This beautiful silicone toy features delicate flower petals that create a delightful textural feel when rubbed against the genitals. The Rosae can be whatever you want it to be: a grinding toy, a sensory/stress squishy, even an adult novelty tchotchke. Available in gorgeous pearl teal or pearl pink, each Rosae is hand poured and unique.

Measures 3" in diameter, 1.5" tall.

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Uberrime Rosae Grinder
Rosae Grinder
Delightful texture for your genitals.
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