Oxyd Creations Bike Tube Harness

Oxyd Creations
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This vegan harness is handmade from recycled bike parts.

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This adjustable, vegan strap-on harness is made with love in Montreal, Quebec! Lined with felt for comfort, structured with canvas inside, and decorated on the back with recycled bike parts, this harness looks amazing and makes quite a statement!

The exterior of this harness is made from recycled bike tubes sourced from Montreal's bicycle co-ops. The tubes are easy to clean, and the straps, which are bare tube against the skin, grip well to your skin while still being soft and comfortable. The harness is lined with soft black felt, which overlaps onto the front so the edges are all soft as well. Between the felt and the bike tube exterior, there is cotton canvas, which reinforces the tubes and gives the harness solidity.

This harness is adjustable with straps and rings in the front and back, through which you pull the tube straps to tighten. It can fit hips from 28 inches to 50 inches. (The wearer should measure themselves at the level of the pelvic bone, around the body.) The straps are really long for adjustability, but you can easily shorten them; simply cut the tube straps at the desired length and melt the ends of thread with a lighter. Your toy is held in place with a silver O-ring in front, which is easily removable with snaps. The harness comes with two sizes of O-rings: 1.5" and 2" (inner diameter).

The back of the harness is decorated with recycled bike chain and a gear. It adds weight, but isn't sharp.

As an added bonus, this harness can be flipped upside down and worn as a badass underbust corset top. Think of the possibilities: wear it for a night out, then when that cute person you've been eyeing compliments your sexy top, invite them home to show them what else that top can do.

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