The Butters Lube Aloe x Shea with CBD

The Butters
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The Butters: Aloe x Shea Lube with 400mg Pure CBD Isolate. A calming and moisturizing lube that may decrease inflammation and enhance orgasms.

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A vegan, oil-based personal lubricant great for hands, jacking, massage, baby making, (non-porous) toys, and all your holes! Formulated to be slick, never sticky, mild tasting, non-toxic, and pH-balanced. Plays well with all body safe materials and is extremely long lasting but still easy to clean up. Plus, with 400MG non-psychoactive hemp isolate, it now offers orgasm boosting & sleep enhancing properties!

Palm kernel butter, shea butter, aloe vera gel, pure coconut oil, pure olive oil, pure grapeseed oil, pure soy oil, kosher salt, less than 1%: guar bean powder, vitamin e, apple cider vinegar, potassium sorbate, potassium metabisulfate, vitamin c

Sex Toy/Condom Material Compatibility:
Works with: Silicone, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, PVC, polyurethane.

We recommend condoms made of NITRILE (like FC2), POLYETHYLENE (Unique Brand) and POLYURETHANE (like Trojan Bareskin non-latex Supra) ONLY. Not recommended for: TPE, Cyberskin, jelly, rubber. Has not been tested with: Latex, Vinyl, or ASA. Initial tests show compatibility with Fleshlight material.

pH 4.1

Shelf Life is 8 months

Users with vaginas report fewer UTIs and yeast infections

Amplifies natural lubrication

100% vegan, edible, wheat/gluten free

How The Butters Works:
Each of The Butters' ingredients is used for their uniquely beneficial properties. Aloe provides pure, easy to absorb moisture and prevents The Butters from feeling oily. Coconut and grapeseed oil give your skin essential vitamins and lipids, while offering immediate lubrication. Shea, palm, and soy condition tissues, melts into slick long lasting lubrication, and offers healing properties for delicate areas. Apple cider vinegar balances pH, manages bacteria, prevents yeast infections, and gently cleanses. Guar gum conditions, adds body, prevents drips, increases the feeling of softness, and helps mix any lubrication your body makes with The Butters.

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