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Gender Expression

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New York Toy Collective's first ever stand-to-pee product.
Sale -25%
A medium-sized realistic silicone STP (stand to pee device).
$84.00 $63.00
A low-profile elastic harness designed to hold the Model D STP.
A full-length tank binder with chest and mid-section compression.
Look your feminine best with this genital hiding undergarment!
Sale -20%
Sport a natural bulge with these contoured pouch briefs.
$45.00 $36.00
Choose which pronoun you'd like show to the world!
Exploring the authors' failure to fit within the gender binary.
Soft, lightweight breast forms made of soft polyurethane foam.
A pretty lace support panty with a built in gaff for flattening.
Gentle salve to prevent skin irritation.
A step-by-step guide for how to approach a partner transitioning.
Sale -20%
Jock strap style underwear designed for soft packing.
$35.00 $28.00
Ease the removal process.
A comprehensive guide for trans people.
A memoir on gender and self-acceptance.
A realistic silicone STP (stand to pee device) with less bulk.
Let Dr. Vera help you discover the other-sexed person within.
A device for vulva-owners to pee standing up.
Experience gender — in full color.
A thoughtful tour of trans narratives.
A down-to-earth guide to engaging with gender diversity.
Show your love for the non-binary femmes in your life.
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