Orgasms & Masturbation

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Teaches Orgasmic Meditation for more connected sex.
A program to help you overcome obstacles to sexual satisfaction.
Practical guidelines for multiple, whole body orgasms.
Rekindle the connection to your pleasure center.
This fun, sexy guide illuminates the path to orgasmically abundant sex.
The orgasm-seeker's guide to "oh!"
A forthright and comprehensive exploration of female sexuality.
Focuses on relaxation as the key to achieving deep orgasmic states.
A step-by-step program to help gradually awaken dormant sexuality.
Get it on — with yourself.
An illustrated guide to self-pleasure for all.
Teaches couples the art of making love — and making love last.
Demystifying the orgasm with information and techniques.
Betty Dodson's book on enjoying the pleasures of self-love.
Fun and informative, this book is a wealth of masturbation knowledge.
A modern guide to masturbation, self-love, and orgasm.
Time-tested exercises for multiple orgasms and full-body orgasms.
Everything you want to know about the big O.
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