Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Volume 4

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Stories beyond the usual lesbian erotica.

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A mysterious warrior at the Renaissance Faire.
An elder reunited with a lost love.
A bottom with chronic pain.
A new play party for a long-term couple.
A fantasy speed-dating night.
A dress-up doll.
A femme gangbang...

Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Volume 4 has it all!

Award-winning editor Sinclair Sexsmith has put together a collection of varied sensual textures and flavors, but they all explore what it feels like to step fully into one's own power, and feel deeply into one's own body. A diverse group of multi-talented authors explore a myriad of erotic delights: from fruit to silk scarves to spanking to whips, from the cozy home to the leather dungeon to the wrong side of the tracks. Written by a refreshing group of individuals of various genders and sexualities, this arousing anthology explores identities and stories beyond the usual lesbian erotica.


Do Tell — Foster Joy
My Sweet Femme Nightmare — June Amelia Rose
Of Sword and Sorcery — Maria Chiara Ferro
Pinked — Avery Cassell
Pleasure With Her Pain — Ada Lowell
Leviathan — Catherine Collinsworth
Good Girls Do — Marie Carlson
Here Comes the Sun — Mx. Nillin Fuchs
Gina, Across the Tracks — Fallen Matthews
Adventure in Palm Springs — Dorothy Freed
The Strip — J. Mork
The Butler, the Flapper, and the Stable Boy — Gigi Frost
All Dolled Up — Olivia Dromen
What I Want — Laurel Isaacs
Brunch Service — Tobi Hill-Meyer
Pay Me No Mind — R. Magdalen
Modern Lovers (You Probably Haven't Heard of Them) — T.R. Verten
Because Today Has Been the Most Beautiful Day — BD Swain
Crave — Xan West
Love Remembers — Angora Shade

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