Menstrual & More

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Explore the benefits of CBD in the bedroom.
CBD-infused serum designed to promote relaxation.
A device for vulva-owners to pee standing up.
An all-natural gel that rehydrates tissues.
Catch your flow with this new generation of menstrual cup.
Relieve period discomfort naturally.
For mess-free period sex.
Find relief from pelvic and menstrual discomfort.
Keep your vulva healthy and moisturized.
A device for vulva-owners to pee standing up.
A pouch to transport your STP or anything else.
A quick refresh, anytime.
Deliver hydration to the right place.
A soothing salve to fight irritation.
A natural alternative to antibiotics and antifungals.
Reusable pantyliners for your light days or for everyday use.
Sale -20%
Enjoy sex while on your period with this reusable cup.
$40.00 $32.00
A relaxingly therapeutic vegan body cream.
A smaller version of GladRags' silicone menstrual cup.
Sleep easier with the maximum protection of GladRags' Night Pads!
An empowering do-it-yourself comic about menstruation.
All-cotton menstrual pads from GladRags.
GladRags' most popular and versatile reusable menstrual pad.
A soft, reusable menstrual cup from Portland company GladRags.
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