Lunatic Fringe

Lunatic Fringe

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Sex. Feminism. Lesbian werewolves. Read more.

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Sex. Feminism. Lesbian werewolves.

Author Allison Moon indulges the feminine wild by giving the classic werewolf myth a lesbian twist. Lexie Clarion’s first night at college, she falls in with a pack of radical feminist werewolf hunters. The next morning, she falls for a mysterious woman who may be among the hunted. As Lexie’s new lover and the Pack battle for Lexie’s allegiance, the waxing moon illuminates old hatreds, new enemies, and a secret from Lexie’s childhood that will change her life forever.

Lunatic Fringe is the first book in the Tales of the Pack series. Don't miss the sequel, Hungry Ghost!

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Lunatic Fringe
Lunatic Fringe
Sex. Feminism. Lesbian werewolves.
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