Transforming Sex Negativity / Wednesday, October 19th

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Break free from society's sex-negative influences.

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Wednesday, October 19th — 6:00 p.m. PST

If you were drawn to the title of this class, we already know a few things about you. You most likely grew up in a sex-negative society. You were probably not given the option to explore your desires freely. Perhaps most significantly, you were not given the chance to understand yourself as a sexual being. With purity culture, cultural shaming, misogyny, abstinence only sex education, and countless other sex repressive structures in place... how could you?

This is that opportunity.

In this eye-opening class, Violet will help you explore how sex negativity has influenced your life, personal well-being, and relationship to yourself and your partners. She will be focusing specifically on the moral, media, and medical influences. The sex positivity movement is growing, and people are beginning to wake up to pleasure embodiment, but knowing it and feeling it are two completely different experiences. Let's comb through some of your influences and find what's holding you back from embodying sex positivity.

Violet is a queer, polyamorous sex educator, pleasure coach, and confidante for your sexual adventures. She studied human sexuality studies at Rutgers University and found herself burdened by an irresistible lure of curiosity in all things sex. She spent time working as a sex education teacher at the Masakhane Center in Newark, NJ, facilitating sex-positive, youth driven workshops. She now facilitates sex education workshops in New York City, and works with clients 1:1. By merging her education background and personal experience, she learned how to cultivate power through her sexuality. Her mission today is to create a space for others to do the same.

You'll notice that we're offering two class cost options - $25, the regular cost of a She Bop class or workshop, and $15, a reduced cost option. While we want to make sure our instructors are compensated fairly for their hard work, we recognize that many of our community members are experiencing alterations to their finances at this time. If you are able to pay full price, we ask that you please consider doing so. If the lower cost option is a more accessible fit for you at this time, we encourage you to utilize that option.

Due to our commitment to paying educators fairly, all classes are excluded from sales and discounts.

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