Tied Up, Now What? / Wednesday, July 17th

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This class by Stella Harris answers that question.

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Wednesday, July 17th — 7:30 p.m.

Rope bondage has a huge appeal, but people often ask "what happens next?" This class by Stella Harris answers that question. We'll cover ways to make rope the whole point of your scene, as well as ways to use rope to facilitate other kinds of play, like impact, pressure points, sensation, and yes, even sex.

Stella's rope play has a focus on intimacy and connection, and she uses rope as a tool to facilitate those goals, rather than for its own sake. This class won't be showing you any new knots or ties, instead it will use whatever rope skills you already have and build from there. Don't worry if you only know the basics; even dragging rope sensually across the skin counts as rope play.

Bring some rope and a practice partner and be ready to participate in exercises — you may wish to bring a yoga mat or blanket, too.

Stella Harris is an author, educator, and coach who focuses on intimacy and connection. As a certified Intimacy Educator, she uses a variety of tools to guide and empower her clients and she teaches everything from pleasure anatomy, to communication skills, to kink and BDSM. She has presented classes for a variety of organizations including the Portland Leather Alliance, the Portland Academy of Sex Ed, Sex Positive Portland, and more, and has spoken at Portland State University, Reed College, and Pacific University. Stella is widely published in print and online, from erotic fiction to educational and lifestyle pieces on sex and kink.

Stella hopes to build a world where everyone has the tools and confidence to explore their sexuality safely and free of shame.

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