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Sweatgasm: A Sexy Queer Truth or Dare Game

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A fun, sexy game that can be played by everybody.

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In a world that often caters to the straight, the cisgender, and the vanilla, Sweatgasm: A Sexy Queer Truth or Dare game is a fun, kinky, and surprising game that can be played over and over again. With no assumptions about the gender or sexuality of people playing, this game combines LGBTQ references, pop culture, and a lot of queer kinks to create a game that is fresh, daring, goofy, and simply sexy to play.

A great game to play with just one significant other or in a group, Sweatgasm is comprised of 100 truth and 100 dare cards for anybody/any body. Folks of any gender, genitalia, or sexuality can play, and unlike most "sex and romance" games on the market, there's no "his or hers" in the deck. The game is trauma-aware and consent-focused. Sweatgasm knows that queer sex/sexuality can look like a whole plethora of activities and actually goes there.

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