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Thirty erotic fantasies about, for, and written by trans people.
An educational comic guide to using gender-neutral pronouns.
A down-to-earth guide to engaging with gender diversity.
Let Dr. Vera help you discover the other-sexed person within.
Exploring the authors' failure to fit within the gender binary.
Older issues of OP, a zine for the trans male community.
Zine dedicated to the culture and lifestyle of transgender men.
This anthology confronts and challenges the notion of "passing."
Diverse stories on healthcare experiences and challenges.
Designed to help teens navigate gender identity and expression.
19-year-old Katie Hill's personal journey of gender reassignment.
A look at transgender teens through interviews and portraits.
How to help children become their most gender-authentic selves.
A funny, fearless journey across the terrains of gender and identity.
A step-by-step guide for how to approach a partner transitioning.
A guide to raising your gender variant adolescent with love.
A collection of letters by successful trans women.
The story of a transgender girl who fought for the right to be herself.
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