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Sexting: The Grownup's Little Book of Sex Tips for Getting Dirty Digitally

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A modern guide to communicating digitally with your lover.

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How frequently should you text a friend with benefits? When is it okay to send someone a nude pic? Modern sex is full of confusing questions that Dear Abby never had to deal with. Modern grownups need a sex-positive guide to communicating digitally with their lover, and sex guru Tina Horn is here to help you with you swipe right, sext like a pro, and take superb selfies.

In chapter one, Horn covers the basics of dirty talk, from learning your favorite vocabulary words to exploring role-play fantasies. Chapter two teaches you to navigate the evolving world of hook-up apps and dating sites. Everything you've ever wanted to know about digital flirting and the language of sexting is in chapter three. A naked picture says a thousand words in chapter four, where you'll learn how to take flattering selfies that stay secure.

Dirty talk and private show-off pictures can be a way to reclaim words that make us feel fabulous about our bodies and relationships. It can also help us to assert our identities and explore our fantasies. Dirty talk is about creating a teasing video just for your partner, or sending them a detailed description of what you want to do tonight. With the communication skills you'll learn from this book, you'll develop confidence to have the kind of sex you want to have and connect with the people you want to have it with.

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