Doxy Die Cast Massager

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A heavy-duty wand in sparkly polished aluminum/titanium alloy.

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Designed, engineered, and assembled in the UK, the Doxy is the new kid on the powerful wand vibrator block. It has attracted an increasing number of enthusiasts, among them Oh Joy Sex Toy creator Erika Moen, keen to experiment with this heavy duty, but controllable, intimate massager.

The Doxy Die Cast in particular is made from a polished aluminum/titanium alloy manufactured using a high pressure injection, cold chamber die casting machine. After casting, the body goes through a five stage polishing process that brings up the high lustre finish. It differs from the original Doxy with its medical grade silicone head, its LED buttons, and its weight of 1 1/2 lbs (not including the plug). The Doxy Die Cast also comes in a zipped padded case for easy storage. Choose from sparkly red or sparkly white!

The secret to the Doxy's success? It's all about the head.

Made from aluminum and cast on-site, the weight and mechanism inside the Doxy's head means it rolls and rumbles, rather than buzzes. Offering powerful vibrations that penetrate deep into the body, it's extraordinarily effective when used as a general body massager, or for intimate intentions. While many find themselves satisfied with the lower settings, the Doxy can reach up to 9,000 RPM: it's the perfect tool for those who want the option to play hard and fast.

One unique feature of the Doxy is its controlled pulse setting. In addition to the adjustable steady vibration settings, there is a high-powered pulse setting which can be slowed down or sped up to your preference.

Only quality materials have been used in the production of the Doxy and safety is at the forefront of its design. Furthermore, Doxy is one of only a handful of mains-powered adult products fitted with a plug top power supply unit (PSU), meaning a low DC voltage travels into the massager. Not only does this make it completely safe, but it means that Doxy can be used all over the world.

Wand itself measures 13" long. Cord length is 12 feet.

Manufacturer: Doxy
Material: Aluminum/titanium alloy (body), silicone (head)
Size: 13" total length
Power: Plug-in
Water Compatibility: For cleaning purposes only
Warranty: 1 year
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