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A revolutionary sex toy that can be molded into any shape you desire.

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One dildo, endless possibilities. The Dodil is a revolutionary non-vibrating sex toy that can be molded into virtually any shape you desire. It is in your hands to create bends, bulges, ripples or that perfect shape for your G-spot. After submerging the Dodil in hot water for 30 minutes, the toy becomes soft and moldable. It can then be kneaded, squeezed, or tied and altered in shape. Once cooled it becomes rigid, with a similar firmness as a metal, ceramic or wooden dildo, but bolstered by a soft silicone exterior. Want a different shape? Simply reheat and repeat the process. With the Dodil, you are the architect of your own pleasure.

Covered by a soft, flexible and platinum cured silicone, the Dodil is completely body-safe. Beneath the silicone is a heat-reactive thermoplastic which becomes malleable when heated. The thermoplastic has since long been used in internal medicine, making it perfectly safe and non-toxic. And, since it also belongs to a group of bioplastics, it makes the majority of the Dodil biodegradable. The Dodil is also ultra-light in comparison with other silicone dildos, making for easy maneuvering with less tension on your wrists.

This kit includes a teal-colored steel thermos designed for heating and storing, as well as a flexible and soft string you can use to bind the Dodil during shaping to create amazing textures. The Dodil weighs 7.7 ounces and comes in an oblong shape with an initial length of 7.4" and a diameter of 1.57", but the final shape and dimensions are in your hands.

This product comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. The covering layer of silicone is very flexible and durable. However, there are some limitations and common sense measures to take when molding the Dodil. To prevent voiding the warranty with misuse, please read and follow instructions thoroughly; they can be found on the Dodil website.

Manufacturer: Dodil
Material: Silicone
Size: 7.4" total length, 1.57" in diameter at widest
Power: Non-vibrating
Water Compatibility: Fully submersible
Warranty: 1 year
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