Dismantling STIgma: the Reassuring Truths About Herpes

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Sunday, August 16th — 5:30 p.m. PST

In 2016, Rae was diagnosed with genital herpes. She spent the first two years of her diagnosis living under the weight of her highly-stigmatized secret, certain she was destined to live a lonely, sexless life, cruising for H+ partners in the dimly lit library rooms where her local support groups were held. But with a little education (and a lot of unlearning), Rae came to realize that herpes really wasn't a big deal... and that sex and pleasure were still very much on the table.

Join Rae as she dismantles the herpes stigma through education and storytelling. She will be discussing transmission and testing, dating and disclosure, safer sex practices and protecting sexual partners. This will be a safe space to ask questions, share resources, and connect with others looking to learn more about life after herpes. All folks are welcome to attend.

Rae Kennedy is a registered nurse, certified holistic sex educator, and herpes advocate with a passion for slaying stigma and spreading awareness. Through sex-positive, pleasure-focused education, Rae hopes to empower others to explore their body and sexuality with curiosity and excitement.

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