Partners in Passion: A Guide to Great Sex, Emotional Intimacy and Long-Term Love

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A manual to creating a lasting, loving, and erotic relationship.

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Happily married partners in passion themselves, award-winning authors Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson provide readers with a fun, step-by-step manual to creating a lasting, loving and erotic relationship.

Partners in Passion proposes alternative models of long-term connection, founded on mutuality, a collaborative mindset, empathy and transparency. It features interviews with long-term couples and includes an extensive resource guide that covers everything from health to erotica, with excellent advice from many of today’s leading sexuality and relationship educators.

Why communication is important but talking is overrated
How to balance the need for intimacy with the need for personal freedom
Ways that sexual adventuring can strengthen your bond
Tips to deal with discrepancies, distractions and disruptions in your sex life
Ways to maintain a vibrant erotic connection throughout your lives

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