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Wondrous Vulva Puppet

Wondrous Vulva Puppet
Wondrous Vulva PuppetWondrous Vulva PuppetWondrous Vulva PuppetWondrous Vulva PuppetWondrous Vulva Puppet


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Used all over the world for sex education, empowering, and healing by counselors, therapists, body workers, doctors, midwives, and vulva fans, the Wondrous Vulva Puppet takes the shame and mystery out of the conversation about sexuality and sex education. The sensual curves, velvety feel, and beauty of these puppets puts folks at ease and opens the door to honest discussion about sexuality and anatomy.

The Wondrous Vulva Puppet features satin labia and clitoral hood, as well as a clitoris, urethra, and textured G-spot. Put your hand in the back to control the outer labia and make the puppet "talk," or insert items into the vagina to demonstrate techniques. Each one is handmade and a little bit different. Names correspond to different color combinations. Large size measures 12" x 9".

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