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The Wild Search

The Wild Search
The Wild SearchThe Wild Search
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By: Blowfish

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The Wild Search is from indie auteur Shine Louise Houston, whose earlier releases The Crash Pad and Superfreak garnered her accolades from feminist porn fans and queers of various persuasions. Like her previous movies, The Wild Search is a tour-de-force of lesbian sex, featuring lots of hot butches and femmes from the San Francisco area.

The basic premise is clever and used to very funny effect. A documentary film crew follows around another documentary film crew as they attempt to film the mating habits of San Francisco lesbians. Femme-on-femme, one stud boi, and hot transguy action make this mocumentary the ultimate PoMo-homo porno. The sex scenes are often really intense, especially a long three-way with two lovers wearing strap-ons. The most important thing: this is real fucking, messy, gasping, sweaty, improvisational, impetuous, spirited, and beautiful.

Starring Beau Flex (aka Jiz Lee), Trouble Royale, Rozen DeBowe, Dylan Ryon, Wil Thrustwell, and Papi Coxxx.

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